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Kindly remind Dave that the How's Your News crew was also at that Cell Space event! Wild night, indeed.

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Can dogs talk? Of course dogs can talk! Anyone who has ever loved a dog knows this. The most memorable thing my dog Mortimer ever said was, "She can do better," after he walked us right into the middle of a messy break-up between our bozo of an apartment manager and his girlfriend at the time. Mortimer was right!

Favorite Talking Heads song? Is it cheating if I say all The Talking Heads songs? That's the right answer, right? But if I had to pick, Life During Wartime.

Favorite McSweeney's piece? "It's Decorative Gourd Season, Motherfuckers" still makes me laugh every year. It's more than a decade old, so in internet time, it's ancient, practically written on stone tablets. This one stands the test of time, and these days, that's really impressive.

My marching band's name? Goat Rodeo Brass & Drums

What would I ask Kurt Vonnegut? I'd want to hear about his experience working on the movie Back to School. I know there's more weighty stuff to ask, but I figure he gets that a lot, and I'm so curious about how it came to be that this giant public intellectual came to do a cameo in a Rodney Dangerfield movie.

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What a fun interview to set the tone for a Monday morning.

1. Yes, I believe dogs can talk. Cooper: ruff, ruff, RUFF means get me a biscuit NOW.

2. Psycho Killer.

3. Hah, easy enough, gourd season essay because a few weeks ago I met a woman who introduced herself as “I’m Carol, I do gourds.” I mean…what?

4. The Wenches

5. Wanna get out of here?

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The flow of this interview was remarkable! I loved the KV stories and can't wait for the next part. Thank you, Gabe!

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