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Andrew Leland

Andrew Leland

On his new memoir The Country of the Blind
Andrew Leland / Photo: Andrew Leland

Hey People,

Today on the podcast we've got a very special guest, author Andrew Leland, whose beautiful memoir, The Country of the Blind: a Memoir at the End of Sight is out today from Penguin Press.

Andrew has a condition, Retinitis Pigmentosa, which has been causing him to lose his sight over time. Today he is legally blind. The New Yorker ran an excerpt from Andrew's memoir last week called “How to Be Blind.” Andrew has published in the New York Times Magazine, did a piece for The New Yorker Radio Hour, and he did a piece for Radiolab, and for 99 Percent Invisible. He's also an editor at The Believer Magazine.

We have a fun and open-hearted conversation about Andrew’s experiences in blind communities across America, his recent Radiolab piece where he joined a crew of disabled people in a training program for astronauts, the meaning of the word “disability,” how to be an ally to blind people, and writing journalism for The New Yorker.

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